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Slime Rancher – How to Open the Gate to The Ancient Ruins!


How to Open the Gate to The Ancient Ruins!

Where to find the gate

Before you can open the gate you need to find the bloody thing!


If you head as far into the Indigo Quarry as you can, you will find a cave system that leads to a door, you will need to unlock it with a Slime Key.




The entrance to the cave can be found in the top right of the picture.




Opened with a slime key.


Now you’re in!



Now what?

Now you need to collect plorts!


You will need ONE of the each of the following plorts:


The pink plort is already there for you!

Rock Plort 720C738D-84F4-46F8-B941-25AFE614FB72-2668-0000027175A69C34
Rad Plort 816FA7A7-8AF5-4561-8963-966F7864D115-2668-0000027177BDFCEF
Honey Plort 90FA9401-C25C-46A2-B544-08762EB39964-2668-000002717B209FC8
Tabby Plort 342894BA-4B5F-4AF4-8193-2A506D832ADC-2668-000002720F5E59DA
Phosphor Plort 0F508971-FDE3-40CA-8824-EFA98E6E799B-2668-0000027211B1ACC8
Boom Plort7D72477A-23D5-48E5-8B5D-44CDDF3A3FF6-2668-00000272145681DC



Don’t come back until you have them!

I suggest collecting Tabby, Rad, and Honey first (as you have limited carry slots) as they won’t be found as local to the area. Rock and Boom can be found locally in The Indigo Quarry and therefore will be closer and faster to obtain. Phosphor’s will spawn in the local caves (where there is no sunlight) or you can wait until dark!



Now fire away! (How to open)

To open the gate you will need to ‘insert’ each plort into the correct Slime ‘slot’.


These are stone statues that can be found scattered around the area, each with a matching color to their Slime/Plort.


When shooting the plorts into the slots I suggest getting quite close and aiming straight for the plort slot (diamond/kite shape) to avoid them bouncing around or you missing by accident!



Phosphor Statue Location

Straight forward as you enter the area, it is facing the cave system you exit from.




Rock Statue Location

On the right, as you enter the area from the cave system. It is facing the gate.




Rad Statue Location

As you enter the area, before you reach the Phosphor Statue, there is a pile (in a line) of broken stones. Turn left as soon as possible, and look up to your left. It is on a ledge.




Honey Statue Location

As you enter the area walk straight forward to the Phosphor Slime Statue, turn left when you reach the Phosphor Statue and follow the path. It is straight ahead.




Tabby Statue Location

As you enter the area you need to head straight forward to the main gate. Once on the platform or ramp to the main gate look to your left, there is a stone platform; the statue is upon the platform.




Boom Statue Location

As you enter the area head straight forward towards the Phosphor Slime Statue, jump over the little stone wall, and whilst stood right in front of the main gate look to your left and it is on the ground.




Watch the magic happen!

Once you have inserted all of the plorts into the correct statues the gate will begin to sing and open!




You will be granted access to The Ancient Ruins, and will receive the following achievement! (Into the Past)





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