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DarkOrbit Kuiper Galaxy Gate

Kuiper is the new galaxy gate of the DarkOrbit Reloaded game.


In general, this GG works like any other of the regular GGs. It needs to be built with extra energy/uridium and is composed out of 100 parts.



The Kuiper Gate provides 3 new Streuner types and a guard turret:

– Soldier Streuner


– Specialist Streuner


– Emperor Streuner


– Streuner Guard Turret (cannot move but attacks the player in range)


You have to fight through 5 maps. While the first 3 maps will spawn NPCs in 3 waves, the 4th and 5th map spawn NPCs in 4 waves each, with the last map also featuring Emperor NPCs.



Kuiper Galaxy Gate Rewards

– 15,000 Uridium


– 150,000 Honor


– 2,000,000 XP


– 5 Booty Keys


– Chance to get one of the following ship designs (if the design is already in the account, 200,000 Uridium will be booked instead):


o Aegis Elite


o Citadel Elite


o Spearhead Elite


o Goliath Venom


o Vengeance Pusat​


– Achievement: o I See Dead Streuners (Gold): Finish the Kuiper Gate​


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