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Shop Titans – The King has not Arrived after 48 Hours

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The King has not Arrived after 48 Hours.

If your king has not arrived after 48 hours, check the following;



Did you lock ALL your superior or better items?

Is your ‘King Item’ set to hit storage rather than rack?



Make sure you keep at least 1 item unlocked and available

Make sure your ’King Item’ is not set to storage mode



Facts about the King

  • He will arrive 24-48 hours after his previous visit.


  • 3-4 champion visits in-between King visits may be required.


  • The item he picks to buy is random from your available superior or better items.


  • Once he has appeared on your screen, his item is chosen and unchangeable.


  • He occupies the same “slot” as worker or villager visits and won’t come if the slot is full.


  • He pays you 5x the item’s value, 5x the merchant XP, and 5x the sale energy.


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