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Shop Titans – How to Replenish Your Energy

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How to Replenish Your Energy

To replenish Energy, you can:


  • -Make a sale. This will give you +1 Energy to begin with and additional Energy for each upgrade of the Counter.



  • -Engage in small talk. There is a chance of approximately 66% that this action will give you 10% of your current energy, but in the other 33% of cases, you will lose 7% of your total energy. As such, it’s best to use this option and pair it with a discount when your energy is below 2/3. When your energy is high, you should first surcharge 1-2 clients and then small talk with other adventurers once your reserves are low again.



  • -Make discounts. This is the most reliable way to gain energy, but the action halves the price of the item being sold. Whenever possible, you should offer discounts for items with a low base price. Ultimately, your aim is to gather enough energy to make outrageous surcharges on very high-quality items.



  • -Decorate your shop. Although this is not a sure-fire way to recharge your Energy, there is a chance that customers will interact with one of the decorations in your store and give you a small boost of energy.


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