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Monster Hunter Rise: The Importance of Bunny Dango


In every Monster Hunter game, there has been an eating mechanic. Eating before or during a hunt gives you all kinds of buffs and extends your health/stamina bars, so you always wanted to make sure you took the time to eat something. Just like you should in real life!


Most games have featured lavish meat plates, but Monster Hunter Rise traded in the meat for squishy balls of glutinous rice called dango. It might seem less protein-packed and therefore less useful for a hunter getting ready to go out and do a bunch of physical labor but the dango in Kamura Village is special.


In this guide we will cover more about the benefits of Bunny Dango, the kind of perks you can obtain with them and how you can unlock new flavors and perks later on in the game. I hope you brought your appetite, because this one is going to be filled with yummy knowledge! Letโ€™s get started.



Where Can You Get Bunny Dango

If youโ€™re on the lookout for where to eat and get your perks and health bonuses before a Village Quest hunt, look no further than the canteen between the mail cat and the entrance to the Gathering Hub in the village. There, Yomogi the Chef will whip up some flavor-blasted dango just for you with the help of her Palico sous chefs.


If youโ€™re taking on strings of Gathering Hub missions, there is another canteen in there, along the back wall before the porch area. Just take a seat at the bar, and your order will be taken. Yomogi doesnโ€™t make the dango there, but the felyne chefs employed by the gathering hall can give you the same nutritious perks and buffs you would get from the main canteen.


Bunny Dangos in Monster Hunter Rise


If you happen to embark on a quest and forget to eat, thereโ€™s no need to abandon the quest and head home. You can actually order and eat dango right from the tent in any home base on any map. This is also perfect for those hunts that end up taking longer than you expected, or ones where you cart and need a boost to get you through.



What Kind of Perks Can You Get

Eating the right dango can imbue your hunter with a number of extremely helpful buffs, ranging from things like preventing a penalty for the first time you cart (Dango Insurance), to increasing the number of carves you get on a kill (Dango Carver), to even increasing how fast you sharpen your weapon (Dango Polisher).


The perk of each dango is clearly listed on the menu you order from but you will notice each one has an activation chance percentage associated with it. Unfortunately the perks youโ€™re looking for wonโ€™t activate every time on their own, often that activation is left to chance. There is a way around this, however If you use a Dango Ticket when ordering your meal, every dango in your order will receive a 100% activation chance. Dango Tickets are pretty plentiful, but not unlimited. You can get them from a number of different sources but just make sure you keep an eye on your supply, and remember that you probably donโ€™t need to use a ticket for every single meal.



How Do You Unlock More Perks

As far as unlocking new dango recipes with new & exciting perks, this will come naturally if you complete every mission that is given to you. Occasionally Yomogi the Chef will come to you with a request or a mission and completing either of those things will earn you a brand new dango that is then added to the menu for ordering. It is simple but easy to miss if youโ€™re only doing primary missions to breeze thru the Village Quests.


Thankfully the requested missions are always marked in your list, so you know at a glance that they are different from regular quests. Selecting them will also let you know what the mission is for and who gave it to you, in case you forgot.



What are Some Other Features of the Canteen

When you become a canteen power user you will find that there are a few extra nifty features that you can take advantage of. First, if you find yourself spending a lot of time selecting dango and you just want to skip through the eating animation so you can get to the hunt, you can actually save an order to speed up the process. When you have 3 dango selected, you will see an option to register to set. This makes the three dango you selected an order that you can quickly select without scrolling through the menu every time.


There is also a daily special mechanic, where one dango will be selected to give you extra perks if you order it. The dango that gets this honor is different after every mission, but it will always be the first dango on the top right. Itโ€™s usually worth getting the daily special Dango for its extra perk even if its base perk is not something that is helpful to you. A bonus is a bonus!


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