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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Properly Capture a Monster


Fellow Hunters, we welcome you back to another guide for Monster Hunter Rise. The most recent entry in Capcom’s super popular video game series is now available on Xbox and PlayStation, and that means the hunting pool got just a little bit bigger.


That also means you’re going to be playing with some people who have never played a Monster Hunter game before, especially if you’re playing on Xbox. The game’s inclusion in Game Pass is great for exposure, but if you’re a seasoned veteran going online, you might be paired up with… less-skilled hunters.


But we’re here today to make that introduction just a little bit easier for the newbies. Today’s guide will cover one of the most important aspects of Monster Hunter: capturing a monster. Some missions have this as a requirement, but you can always capture a monster to end a hunt early without killing it. There are some situations where this is a good idea, but we’re going to cover all of that and more in this guide, so let’s get started!



What are the Benefits of Capturing?

There are a few reasons you might want to capture a monster rather than finish slicing it to pieces with your giant sword. First, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re on your last attempt at a mission, and the monster is just too strong for you. If you can manage to whittle its health down until it’s weak, capturing it will complete the mission by the skin of your teeth, rather than fighting it a whole extra round.


If you’re a hunter who just wants to hit things with a big piece of metal, also known as a hammer user, there are certain resources you can’t naturally acquire during a hunt. Hammers aren’t known for being able to sever tails, so you aren’t going to be getting those regularly. However, if you capture a monster there is a chance you will get a tail as a reward! A faster hunt and impossible rewards? Talk about a win-win.


So, now you know WHY capturing is good and useful. I think maybe it’s time we learned HOW to capture, so you can get those sweet rewards and quest completion times for yourself.



How to Capture

If you want to bag yourself a monster, all you have to do is beat it up. No, seriously, just continue to fight and attack it as you normally would. When you’ve done enough damage that the monster is in its “exhausted state” there are a few ways you can tell.


The target monster will stop often to pant and compose itself, and will be visibly drooling. On your mini-map, the target monster’s icon will also begin to flash blue. When these two things happen, you’ll know a monster is ripe for the picking.


Catching Monsters in MONSTER HUNTER RISE


Several times throughout a hunt, the monster will flee to another area to get away from you. In general, this will happen maybe 3 or so times before it is ready for capture. Once it is weakened and runs off, it will always go to a specific zone in order to rest and get some of its health back. Here’s the crazy part: you should let it sleep.


Really! Let it get cozy and fall asleep, it makes the capture process much simpler. As it sleeps. Sneak up over to it, get as close to the body as you can, and put down a trap. Both pitfall and shock traps work just fine. Then, you’re going to want to equip your tranq bombs, and throw a few of those down. No monster will need more than three bombs, but always make sure you have the max number of them on you when you go out on a hunt, which is 10.


You’ll probably never need all of them, but if you find yourself in a situation where you can capture multiple monsters, you might be able to get out of there with a TON of extra parts in your rewards box, and who doesn’t love that?




That’s really all there is to it. Whatever monster you end up fighting, beat it up till it’s weak, let it go to sleep, put a trap down, and then tranq it. This process works on all monsters the same, so you don’t need to know different approaches for different monsters. Practice makes perfect, so try to capture a monster every once in a while. Especially you new hunters on consoles. You have a lot of catching up to do!


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