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Jurassic World: The Game Tips and Tricks


1-) Build up your Charge Points first that will give you a super strong attack in the second turn already, and that blow can be fatal for your opponent.


2-) Time laps cheat works here, and you can do it as many times as you want for things such as getting your good dinosaurs healed, completing construction, and more.


Keep in mind that once you do that go back to the date and time settings and set everything back to normal. Itโ€™s recommended to do this before collecting everything, as resetting the time wonโ€™t reverse completed timers.


3-) To gain levels quickly, go to the building store and flood your available building space with structures or decorations โ€“ whatever you can afford will work.


Decorations are preferred because they donโ€™t take any time to build. Each one built will give you EXP. You can then sell them all (which gives you back half of what you spent) and then buy them again. Repeat over and over until you gain the levels you need.


4-) When battling in the game, watch how you pair up dinosaurs: i.e., carnivores are strong against herbivores, which are strong against pterosaurs, which are strong against amphibians, which are strong against carnivores.


5-) Don’t forget to log in Every Day to unlock your Free Mystery Pack.


6-) Want to earn free DNA or free Cash easily!? Hit the โ€œplusโ€ button and the โ€œfreeโ€ buttons corresponding to one currency or the other. Ad videos are an option for free Dino Bucks and are the only option for DNA. You can also complete various free Offers to earn Dino Bucks without paying real-life money for them.


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