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Jurassic World Evolution – Guide to Mixed Exhibits



Creating exhibits featuring multiple species is important in order to create a thriving park in such a small space. However, knowing the rules of mixed exhibits is also extremely important. Learning and memorizing these rules will mean the difference between a successful 5 star park, and a choatic mess of constant dinosaur breakouts.



Types of Dinosaurs

Before we start, it is important that you know the different groups of dinosaurs that you are dealing with. Each group has different behaviors and personalities that will determine how they interact with other groups. Each group will have one or more sub-divisions.


Passive Herbivores – these herbivores have a mild temper and do not fight carnivores. This group includes three sub-divisions: Hadrosaurs, Ornithomimids, and Pachycephalosaurs.


Armored Herbivores – these herbivores are large, aggressive, and will fight with carnivores if need be. This group also has three subdivisions: Ceratopsians, Stegosaurs, and Ankylosaurs.


Sauropods – this group is large but mostly gentle. They do not fight with carnivores, but their large size means they usually will not get hunted. Only sauropods make up this group.


Small Carnivores – these carnivores are small but extremely feisty. They can pick a fight with certain herbivores but will ignore others. Velociraptors, Dilophosaurus, and Deinonychus make up with the group.


Large Carnivores – these carnivores are larger and can take on most herbivores. This group includes large carnivores and hybrids such as indoraptor and the indominous rex.



Rules to a Successful Mixed Exhibit

1.) In general, all herbivores will get along with one another.


2.) In general, sauropods will get along with carnivores. Their large size usually prevents them from being hunted.


3.) In general, small carnivores and large carnivores can coexist in the same exhibit. The small carnivores will run away from the larger ones, and when fights do happen, the small carnivore will usually run away without any fight.


4.) Small carnivores will always get along with armored herbivores. They may square off but there is never any bloodshed.



Rules to a Failed Mixed Exhibit

1.) Small carnivores will never get along with small carnivores of a different species.


2.) Large carnivores will never get along with large carnivores of a different species.


3.) Passive herbivores will never coexist with carnivores of any type. The carnivores will actively hunt the passive herbivores until none remain.


4.) Large carnivores will never coexist with armored herbivores. The two sides will square up and fight until one side dies.


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