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Imperiums: Greek Wars PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

The list of default key bindings for the most important functions and actions in the game is displayed here, and can be changed to suit your preferences.


Next Unit – Spacebar

Next idle city – Ctrl+Spacebar

End Turn – Enter

Go to – G

Cancel Move – Q

Attack – T

Wait – E

Build Inside – B

Build facility – Ctrl+B

Heal inside – X

Repair – Ctrl+X

Train – V

Upgrade inside – Y

Improve – Ctrl+V

Sleep – Ctrl+E

Emergency aid – Z

Build town – M

Raid – P

Sell – L

Fortify – F

Build field/farm – I

Load unit – H

Encourage – Oem comma

Provoke uprising – Oem minus

Resources breakdown – Tilda

Move camera farther – Ctrl+[minus]

Move camera closer – Ctrl+[plus]

Move map left – LeftArrow or A

Move map right – RightArrow or D

Move map up – UpArrow or W

Move map down – DownArrow or S

Zoom in – +

Zoom out – –

Imperiums Library – F1

State Window – F2

Trade Overview – Ctrl+F2

Foreign Relations Window – F3

Strategic Overview Window – F4

Reports List – F5

Objectives Map – F6

State Decisions Window – Ctrl+F6

Map Item Detail Window – F7

Player Color Overlay – F8

Terrain Color Overlay – Ctrl+F8

Supply Area – F9

Pillage Territories – Ctrl+F9

Quicksave – F10

Quickload – F11

Take screenshot – F12 (Saved to: → Start
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