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How to Play Close Combat: The Bloody First Multiplayer

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Note: An Internet connection is required to play Close Combat: The Bloody First Multi-Player mode.


Close Combat: The Bloody First uses an integrated Lobby, forum, and connection system to make finding and connecting to other players as quick and easy as possible.


To connect to the Multiplayer lobby system, you will need to log into the Matrix lobby system so that your product serial number is associated with your Matrix lobby account . If you do not have a Matrix lobby account, you can create a new one from the game by clicking the New Account button on the login dialog box.


You can make changes to your lobby account , as well as access the match-making forums and the other game forums by visiting



Connecting to the Lobby System

Once you have registered your serial number with the Lobby System , you then log in to the Lobby System using your Lobby user name, password, and your registered serial number. Note: If you do not already have a Matrix Lobby account, click the New Account button to create a new account. Creating a new account will also log you in automatically.


Once you have connected to the Lobby System the Multiplayer screen will initially be in Lobby Mode. A list of all connected lobby users is shown on the right. A chat window on the left shows when other users join or leave the lobby, as well as messages they have sent.



Lobby Chat

You can send chat messages to everyone in the lobby while you are in Lobby mode. To compose a chat message, type your message in the space at the bottom of the screen and press the SEND . By default, Lobby Chat is visible to all other players connected in Lobby Mode. Lobby chat is not sent to players who are connected to an opponent and playing a head-to-head game. You can send a private message to one user by typing “/whisper” or “/w” followed by your message. This will shift you into ‘Whisper’ mode and all subsequent messages you type will go only to that user. To switch back to global mode (that is out of whisper mode), start your message with “/global” or “/g”.



Connecting with an Opponent

When two players play head-to-head in Close Combat: The Bloody First, one player will act as the Host , while the other player will join the Host’s game. The Host player is the one who makes the choices about what scenario will be played and what Missions Settings will be used. The Host player will play the Allies side, while the the invited player will play the opposing force.


The Host player starts by clicking the Host button and selecting the game you want to play. Once you do that, the invited player can then Join your game via the Lobby user list. After both players accept, they will see the game settings the host has chosen, and the joining player can choose to accept the settings or not. Once the joining player has accepted the settings, the host can then start the game and both go to the next game screen. Note: Both players must have the same version of the game or an error will occur when you try to connect, and the connection will be aborted.



A Co-Op Game

In multiplayer, the game is capable of having two players commanding a First Infantry Division Company against the AI. This is called a Co-Op Game and is set up by both multiplayer participants playing with a portion of force available to them. The AI controls the opposing force. Both players join the multiplayer game. The host player sets the same side(Allies) for both players in the Mission Settings. Clicking on Next will start the game stepping through the process to the Force Selection Screen. The available units in the Company, including support units, will be divided amongst the two players (approximately half the available units to each player). Each player can only control the units specifically assigned to them.


For Operations and Campaigns, the host player controls battle timing choices on the Planning Screen. The client player will be able to see the choice the host player has made. It is important that the host and client players communicate during the process of planning the battle and selecting a force in order to coordinate their efforts to succeed in the battle since the client has no direct control. During battle, the host player controls off-board support resources (mortar, artillery, air and illumination), and the client player can see the target location and timer. Once on the battlefield, the each player only controls their units. Each player’s unit icons will have a different color to tell them apart. Each player can toggle the truce offer on/off for their side.


Upon completion of a battle, the game saves in the normal process and displays the Debrief Screen to inform both host and client players the battle results. The players have the option to continue to the next battle or stopping to continuing at a later time.



Disconnecting from a Head to Head Game

Continuing a head-to-head game is simply a matter of advancing forward (using the Next button) through the game screens. The sequence of play is exactly the same as a single player game, though there may be times when you must wait for your opponent to complete their setup before you can continue.


You can exit a head-to-head game at any time by using the Previous or Back buttons to return to the Multiplayer screen, and the Disconnect to return to Lobby mode. If you are currently playing a battle you can hit the ESC key to use the game system menu to abort the battle and return to the Multi-Player screen. Returning the game Main Screen will also abort the current game and disconnect you from the Lobby system completely.



Communicating with Your Opponent

When you are in Game mode you can send chat messages to the other player at any time. To send a message during play, click the CHAT (T) button or press ENTER. Type in your message and then press ENTER again. The message appears briefly on the other player’s screen. While you are in Game mode your chat messages go only to your opponent, not to the Lobby chat.


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