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Close Combat: The Bloody First – Mortar Targeting

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Mortar Targeting

Mortars are dedicated indirect fire weapons that are designed to lob shells in a high arc down onto a target. Mortars are valuable and effective weapons, so they are typically far back from the front line, and thus the crew cannot see their targets themselves. The communications required for other units to request and coordinate support from a mortar is abstracted. In Close Combat: The Bloody First. Once a fire order has been given to a Mortar unit, the mortar crew executes a ‘Targeting Phase’ where they wait for each round to land before firing the next round. This continues until they have hit within 30 meters of the target, after which they register the target and cease firing at the target. The unit can fire at a registered target without going through the targeting phase. Mortar units can track 3 registered targets at a time. Moving a mortar unit any significant distance causes loss of registered targets. Registered targets persist between battles on the same map and are not lost by moving the mortar unit during the deploy phase.


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