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Heroes of Might & Magic V – Useful Tips & Tricks

Heroes of Might & Magic V - Useful Tips & Tricks

1. Save often and to different places. This is normal but sometimes overlooked. You may have to come back to your earlier save if something special happens to make the game unbeatable.


2. Generally, the game can be played as you wish, but most of your characters’ previously selected skills are worthwhile to be developed fast.


3. What is the purpose of the game really? It is to beat your enemy; with your stronger army or better use of your skills and tactics. Logistics and fighting skills are both important.


4. Developing towns or capturing creature dwellings is important. I try to think for the current week to have optimum troops which can be recruited/created on the first day of the next week.


5. You can not carry your precious troops to the next mission, so developing your attributes, experience/leveling, and magic skills are also important. It could mean that before rushing to the next mission, you could use some time developing your character.


6. Overall, tactics are surprisingly important (and the skill is also not a waste). Where you position your troop before the battle starts, quite much decide how the fight will start (computer AI).


7. You do not have to position all of your (weak) troops if fighting ranged troops or troops with magic skills.


8. I like higher tier troops more than low level as you have more hit points to cover from retaliation and overall performance is better. But this depends on the situation as, for example, Necros should use those skeleton archers and other troops as their main attacking fist.


9. There are a lot of small details you can do to achieve better performance with your troops and skills. Many times with careful planning and tactics, you may end up losing no troops at all.


10. Initiative. I love the initiative system as it makes new tactical things possible. For example, you can slow or haste your troops or cast the next enemy character who is supposed to move with the puppet master. You can also plan when is your time to move and when not. Sometimes your faster troops can even hit and return before enemy troops react.


11. This can be personal, but I prefer mass effects and indirect ways of damaging more than direct damage. Direct damage is cool early on the mission, but against 50+ Paladins may not be enough – but spells like mass slow, confusion, puppet master, or Arcane Shield to your strongest stack could mean more in the long run.


12. Most skills are really useful if practiced in the right way. So keep thinking about the way to use them in different situations. For example, Phantom Forces spell can be useful to double your ranged strength, in focusing enemy fire (and hopefully missing the turn because of the incorporeal nature of the spell), blocking your enemy to reach your weak ranged force, etc.


13. Every battle is different so positioning your troops, remembering the current terrain, and protecting your weaker troops, to think your enemy positioning, using blocking or troops with only 1 unit as a blocker, or spell users can all be useful. Trying different things is part of the fun!


14. You usually win if you take the initiative during the mission, attacking first, being faster in capturing resources, etc.


15. Remember. In campaigns, enemies are dumb and controlled by computer; you are the only real heroes of might and magic there!


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