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Forgotton Anne – Tarot Cards

Forgotton Anne - Tarot Cards

Showed on a save game after the end of the game.


Based on choices, that changed internal in-game counters of the Ego and the Force.


  • Rebel.

The Rebel is idealistic and committed, force is never a solution. The Rebel acts in order to further understanding.



  • Enforcer.


The Enforcer is strong-willed and relentless. Keeping up the stated law, the Enforcer carries out almost any order without question.



  • Caretaker.


The Caretaker strives to treat everyone equally and peacefully. Rarely seeking to influence the world, the Caretaker observes life as it unfolds.



  • Master.


The Master is clever and powerful. A natural leader, the Master has the courage not only to dream but also to carry out the dream, no matter the costs.


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