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FIFA 20 – Free Kick 2nd and 3rd Man Run

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To call the second man press LT (Xbox One) / L2 (PS4), and for the third man, press RB/R1. To perform a dummy, you just need to do a fake shot whilst holding the respective button of the player. You can also shoot with the second and third man, LT/L2 + B (second man) and RB/R1 + B (third man). Make sure you aim to compensate for the curve when doing this.


Sometimes you need to pass/lay off to switch it up, this can also catch your opponent off guard. Here are the controls for this – LT/L2 + A (second man) and RB/R1 + X (third man). This can provide a different angle of approach, which will often give you an open shot on goal if not defending properly.


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