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FIFA 20 – Free Kick Spin Types Guide

FIFA 20 - Free Kick Spin Types Guide

Unlike in FIFA 19, you cannot freely move your player before a free kick. Instead, there are three set positions you can choose from. The biggest new feature in FIFA 20, however, is the spin you can put on the ball. There are four types of spin:


  • Knuckleball Free Kick – Flick the analog down, then up, then back down again in one straight, fast motion. Best done with normal or straight run-up.


  • Curve Free Kick – Move the analog stick directly down, and then bring it all the way around to the top in either direction depending on what way you want the ball to curve.


  • Top Spin – Move the analog stick from the bottom to the top. Make sure to move it straight up to avoid putting spin on the ball. Best done with a straight run-up to drive the shot straight.


  • Low Driven – This can be done by simply aiming low with the target mentioned earlier. Once you’re aiming low on the goal, any spin added here will just add to the low driven free kick.


Free Kicks in FIFA have always been tricky to master and require a lot of practice to perfect. Scoring free kicks has turned out to be simpler in FIFA 20. EA have totally changed free kicks technique and system in FIFA 20 game to make it all the more genuine and agreeable for the clients.


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