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EA Sports FC 24: How to Use Player Lock

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What’s the Big Deal with Player Lock?

Player Lock is like having a magic wand in EA Sports FC 24. It lets you take control of a specific player on the pitch, dictating their runs, positioning & movement. Think of it as playing puppet master, but with elite soccer players!



How Do You Even Activate It?

Activating Player Lock is as easy as hitting a penalty with no keeper in sight! On a PlayStation controller, simply click the L3 and R3 buttons together. For Xbox users, press the left and right thumbsticks simultaneously. Then, flick the right stick towards the player you want to control..



Offensive Tactics:

Positioning Runs: Use Player Lock to send your chosen player on a run, find space, and prepare to score.


Finding Space: Keep your player wide, time the run, and send a strong pass down the line for a cross into the area. Imagine delivering the perfect ball for your teammates to head in.



Defensive Strategies:

Defensive Mastery: Player Lock isn’t just for attackers. As a defender, use it to break up the play and steal the ball from the opposition, reading the game like an experienced professional.



Advanced Tactics with Player Lock:

Before you dive into a match, go to the game settings and ensure that Player Lock is enabled. With it activated, you’ll feel like you’ve got magical soccer boots on.


Deception: Trick your opponent by making them think you’re going one way, then switching it up, as if you were doing a clever stepover without touching the ball.


Exploiting Spaces: Spot a gap between their midfield and defense? Get your player in there using Player Lock, exploiting it as if you were outmaneuvering them in a small-sided game…


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