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Dota Underlords – Warriors Strategies Guide

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Warriors Strategies

A Warriors opening is one of the most reliable in the game because it gives you two strategic options that are both quite decent in the current meta.


  • -One, you can transition into a (3) Warriors (6) Hunters strategy, which (as discussed in Hunters) is one of the strongest in the game right now.


  • -Two, you can commit to (6) Warriors and choose your secondary damage-dealing synergy [(4) Savages, (4) Trolls, (3) Hunters] situationally. These strategies are not S-Tier right now, but they are definitely strong enough to get you a top place in the lobby consistently or even to help you win if you get lucky with shop rolls and items.




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Units: Tusk, Lycan, Pudge/Slardar, Kunkka, Doom, Troll Warlord, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman, Batrider


Synergies: (6) Warriors, (4) Trolls, (1) Demon


The strategy is very strong, but it has two major problems. First, it requires lvl9 to mature, and second, it requires you to get the (4) Trolls, which might be highly contested because of the Knights + Trolls popularity.


It’s possible to go for (6) Warriors and to decide to commit to Trolls later on when you are sure that you can safely get to lvl9. It’s also possible to go for (3) Warriors into (4) Trolls in order to get the core of your strategy quicker and complete the (6) Warriors later (or even go for other synergies).


You have a few options for a 10th unit:


  • -Enigma is a great option versus Knights because it deals high damage against them and gives you the (2) Warlocks buff for sustain.


  • -Necrophos is also possible for (2) Heartless with Pudge and (2) Warlocks with Witch Doctor.


  • -Disruptor is also good because of (2) Shamans, especially versus Mages.


If you’re going for a three-star Troll Warlord, simply including two two-star Trolls in your lineup is also quite decent for increased DPS.




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Units: Tusk, Lycan, Pudge, Kunkka, Doom, Troll Warlord, Enchantress, Lone Druid


Synergies: (6) Warriors, (4) Savages


You usually go for a (3) Warriors + (2) Druids opening and swap out the non-beast Druid for Lone as soon as you get him. This allows you to hit the (4) Savage damage synergy pretty fast and at this time you should also be ready with your (6) Warriors frontline.


This Underlords Lineup matures at (8) Units and has a good balance of tankiness and damage. The benefit is that it’s much easier to build than Warriors + Trolls (at the same time it has lower late-game potential).


There are various options for your last two units. For example, Witch Doctor + Necro will give you the (2) Heartless (Necro + Pudge), (2) Warlocks (Necro + Witch Doctor), and (2) Trolls bonus (Witch Doctor + Troll Warlord). However, sometimes it’s simply better to go for the strong 5-cost units you are getting (e.g. Enigma, Lich, etc.).


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