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Dominions 5 – Supplies



The supply rating of a province determines how many units the province can support. If more units occupy a province than can be supplied by the indicated supply rating, starvation occurs. Units consume different amounts of supply based on their physical size. The supply rating in a province is determined by multiple factors.


Population-based supply is calculated from the population present in a province, modified by the Growth/Death and Heat/Cold scales. The first 10,000 population in a province generates supplies at 1 supply point per 100 population. Additional population generates 1 supply point per 200 population. This is modified by the Growth/Death scales (first) and the Heat/Cold scales (second) to arrive at a Population-Based Supply number.


Fortress-based supply depends on the province’s proximity to a fortress. If the province in question is within four provinces of a fort, fortress-based supply is added to the population-based supply calculated above. This depends on the fortress’ Admin rating (see section on fortresses below) and uses the formula (Administration * 4) / (Distance + 1). Only the highest fortress-based supply is used if there is more than one nearby fortress.


Example: A province with 20,000 population has Growth 1 and Heat 3 dominions in it. It generates 400 supply points for the first 10,000 population, and 200 supply points for the remaining 10,000 population for a total of 600 supply. Supplies are increased by 20% for the Growth 1 dominion, increasing the total to 720. The Heat 3 dominion, however, reduces this amount by 30%, or 180 supply points, for a population-based supply of 540.


The province is also three provinces away from a Castle (Admin 30) which has had 10 points of Admin added to it through upgrades, resulting in an Admin rating of 40. This generates an additional 40 supply points. The province has a final supply value of 540 + 40 = 580.




Supply Usage

The number of supplies being used by the units currently occupying a province is shown under Supply Usage. If there are not enough supplies in a province to supply all of the units currently occupying that province, starvation may occur.


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