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Dominions 5 – Call God


Call God

If a pretender dies, he or she can be brought back by his nation’s priests. Each priest level assigned to the Call God order in a turn generates 1 point. Once a nation has accumulated around 50 points, the pretender returns to his or her home province. The total is not exactly 50 in order to add some uncertainty to the exact reappearance.


Example: The pretender of Vanarus has died. Because he had Nature 3 when he died, he has an 80% chance of losing one skill level in one magic path (not necessarily Nature), and if he does not, he will lose one point of dominion strength. In the following turn, Vanarus assigns three level 1 priests and a level 2 priest to Call God. If no other priests are assigned to this, it will take about ten turns for the pretender of Vanarus to return.


Dominion immortal pretenders who die in a friendly dominion re-appear in their home after the reformation period and do not suffer the magic skill or dominion strength loss. A dominion immortal pretender who dies outside a friendly dominion is subject to all the above rules. An immortal pretender does not lose any dominion or magic paths on death no matter where it dies. The nation of Ur in the Early Age has a special property which allows their god to be called back from the dead without losing any magic levels, whether immortal or not.


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