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Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy Box Guide

Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy Box Guide

Normal Box – This box contains no markings on the side; it’s just a normal box that contains a Wumpa Fruit.


? Box – These are marked with question marks on the sides. They can contain extra lives or Wumpa Fruit.


Bounce Boxes – These boxes have dark brown vertical lines running down the sides. If you jump on one of these on the ground, it will bounce you up, usually to another box. Every time you bounce on a Bounce Box, you will get a Wumpa Fruit. These boxes break after you bounce on them a few times. If you press X to jump right as you bounce on one of these, you will bounce higher.


Aku Aku – These boxes have a picture of a mask on the sides. Break one of these to reveal an Aku Aku mask. Aku Aku masks are your health; you die when you don’t have one and get hit. If you have one and get hit, you will lose it. If you collect one when you already have one, you will have two and get hit twice before it goes away. Collect a third to become invincible for a short period. These masks can’t protect you from things that instantly kill you.


C Boxes – These boxes have a C on each side. Break them open to create a checkpoint. When you die at a level, you will start back at the last opened checkpoint.


Crash Boxes – These boxes have pictures of Crash on their sides. Open one to reveal life.


Arrow Boxes – These boxes have an arrow pointing up on the sides. Jump onto one to get bounced up; you will get more height if you press X as you bounce. You can break them by spinning.


Reinforced Boxes – These boxes are made of wood but have metal around them to Reinforce them. Break them by body slamming them.


Timed Boxes – These boxes are white on every side but the top and bottom. The white parts of them switch between showing nothing to the sides of other boxes, such as? Boxes and Crash Boxes. When you break one of these boxes, you will get whatever is shown on the side when you break it. If it has a Crash Box on the side, you get a life, a? Box gets you some Wumpa Fruit, blank gets you nothing, etc. You have to be careful with these boxes; once you get close to them, the time it takes to switch the sides becomes less and less, and then eventually, it becomes a metal box. Once it becomes a metal box, you can’t break it and therefore can’t break all the boxes on the level.


TNT Boxes – These boxes are red and have TNT written on the side. If you couldn’t guess, they are dangerous. If you spin into one, it will explode, damaging you. Jump on top of one to start a three-second timer before it explodes.


Nitro Boxes – These boxes are green and say Nitro on the side. If you even touch these, they will explode, damaging you. You cannot break them by yourself.


Green! Boxes – These boxes are green with a yellow exclamation point on them. If you try to break one, it won’t break, but it will destroy all the Nitro Boxes on the level.


! Boxes – These boxes are made of metal and have an exclamation point on them. You can’t break them, but doing what you would normally do To break a box will activate it. Activating one of these will fill any boxes or platforms on the level that appeared as a white outline.


Metal Boxes – These boxes are just metal boxes that don’t do anything. You can be crushed by metal boxes and can use them as platforms.


Metal Arrow Boxes – These are boxes made of metal with an arrow on them. Jump on them to get a boost; press X to jump as you bounce on one to get even more height. You can’t break these.


Metal C Boxes – These only show up in a few levels. They are made of metal and have a C on them. If you hit them, you will activate a checkpoint. There are only gem paths and skull platform paths.


Timer Stopping Boxes – These boxes are only in time trial mode. They are yellow and have a number on their sides, a 1, 2, or 3.


When you break one, it stops the time trial mode timer. The amount of time it stops is represented by the number on the side of the box, 1, 2, or 3 seconds. These are very helpful, as they give you some extra time to get through the level to get the


If you break all of the boxes on a level, you will get a Silver Gem. The Silver Gem will show up by a display at the end of the level that shows how many of the boxes you have broken. Gems are not needed to beat the game, but the colored ones (Which you get in different ways) open up new paths in levels, and you get to see a new ending when you finish the game with all of them.


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