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Controls for Welcome to ParadiZe

Controls for Welcome to ParadiZe

Check out this quick guide for all the default keyboard shortcuts and key bindings for Welcome to ParadiZe on PC. There aren’t too many, and they’re pretty easy to remember, but this guide is a handy reference for whenever you need a quick refresher. Don’t forget to bookmark it!!



PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

  • Interact: E


  • Confirm: F


  • Melee attack: M-3


  • Shoot: M-5


  • Roll: Space


  • Use: Q


  • Recharge: R


  • Run: Shift


  • Change weapon: Mouse Wheel


  • Capture: F


  • Dismount from saddle: Space


  • Flashlight: T


  • Activate zombot gear / control zombot: Tab



Default Control Scheme (Mouse & Keyboard)

Controls for Welcome to ParadiZe


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