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Close Combat: The Bloody First – Mortars & Machine Guns

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Mortar crews engage the enemy with indirect fire, lobbing powerful explosive shells great distances. While a mortar unit is more accurate while firing at targets they can see, they are often best positioned well away from the front line where they can hammer enemy targets from safety. Avoid setting mortars up directly under trees where branches might detonate a round right over the firing unit. The heavier a mortar is, the slower the rate of fire, but the more powerful the shell. Heavy and medium mortars are powerful enough to be used against buildings. Mortars can also lend vital support to friendly units by dropping smoke at great distance. Mortars can also be effective against light vehicles, particularly open topped vehicles such as half-tracks, though these vehicles may simply move away before the mortar unit can zero in. Mortars are quite effective against towed guns, which have a harder time getting out of the target area quickly.



Machine Guns

Machine guns are highly effective against infantry and light vehicles and are very effective at suppression. However, machine gun crews can only move their weapons slowly and require time to set up the weapon when they reach a new position. Because they are difficult to move and slow to set up, machine guns are often set up in buildings or other covered locations to prevent them from being destroyed by mortar fire.



Machine Gun Tactics

Machine guns are powerful weapons and are even more useful in that they generally do not require close supervision. Place machine guns in well protected areas, preferably with a roof and a wide field of fire, and they can work wonders against enemy infantry and light vehicles. Successful Ambush attack by machine guns can be devastating. If a machine gun draws the attention of enemy armor, it is definitely time to move.


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