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Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Tips & Tricks

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Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Whether you’re completely new to the game, or just need a refresher, you should get something out of this list. There are tips for everyone, from beginner players to more advanced players, and even ones who have been playing for years.


  • Use super sprint to get around an enemy for a quick ambush, don’t charge right at them, since that’s when you are most vulnerable. Also use this mechanic in combination with sliding to quickly get into cover.


  • Find a gun that works for you. Not everyone is going to good with the same weapons. If you are having trouble with one gun you should switch to another one to see if you have better luck. Plus now with the prestige shop if you find that gun you are really good with you can keep it throughout every prestige which is nice.



  • Become familiar with your weapons. Learn how each weapon shoots and their details. For example does your weapon have a high rate of fire? What is its level of recoil? How long does it take to reload? Is it best in close quarters or at a distance? Knowing the answers to these questions can help prepare you to choose the best weapon for your particular situation.


  • Control your recoil, especially when using the Oden, M14 and the Desert Eagle. The ballistics in this game are the most authentic in the franchise.


  • Watch out for campers, they will be lurking around somewhere so any place where they might camp or defend check it out before you move on.


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  • Don’t sit too long on one spot because they will find out where you are their and they will all turn their attention 2 you, so change your spots once in a while.


  • Use the grenades and special grenades when you can. It is pointless to die with all your equipment still on you. You don’t get a bonus or anything so just use them whenever you can. Sure using it at the wrong time could cost you but not using it at all is pointless so at least take a shot.


  • Find the Good Spots. This tip is a little more advanced, but once you feel comfortable, you should look into locations. Each map has a variety of good spots and, depending on the game mode, you might want to look into them sooner rather than later.


  • Use cover correctly. Reduce your exposure to other players by utilizing cover (behind low walls, barrels, and jutting environmental scenery), thus making yourself more difficult to hit. Conversely, lob in a grenade if a foe is hiding to flush them out.


  • Listen to your in-game teammates.


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