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Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Types of “Scoping” Guide

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Types of “Scoping”

There are 4 main ones. You have quickscopes, no scopes, hardscopes and dragscopes and there can be a lot of overlap and gray areas in between each type.



  • Quickscope – aiming and shooting quickly. You see an enemy, you ADS and you shoot as soon as you know your bullet will go straight. This is **ALWAYS 100%** the quickest and most efficient way to get a kill. Even if your playstyle is not aggressive, if you aren’t scoped in before you see an enemy, a quickscope nets you the quickest kill everytime.



  • Hardscope – a hardscope is basically any aimed shot that isn’t a quickscope. Sometimes you may want to wait scoped in if you know somebody is likely to run around a corner or you may need to take more time to line up a shot



  • No scope – should be self explanatory. Only useful if you get caught at close range and need a a quick reaction kill or if you want to be fancy.



  • Dragscope – most dragscopes are quickscopes, some may look more like faster hardscopes. This is just a shot where you drag your scope over the target and click shoot as soon as you cross.



Use whatever you are comfortable with, based on what you think is best for the situation. It is a judgement you will learn to make with experience.


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