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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Beginner’s Guide

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Beginner’s Guide

HP: your “hit points” or life. If it reaches 0, you die.


MP: your “magic points” or mana. If is used to power abilities/techniques and regenerates over time.


Capacity: how many bullets from each type Miriam can hold. Increased only by finding upgrades on the world. You can always have unlimited basic bullets.


LV: your “level” as you kill enemies you gain EXP, or “experience” and eventually level up increasing in stats.




Stats: your collective stats include:

ATK or “attack” how much damage you do with weapons or techniques.


DEF or “defense” how much damage you subtract from enemy attacks.


STR or “strength” influences your ATK stat with melee weapons.


CON or “constitution” influences your HP.


INT or “intelligence” how much damage you deal with spells.


MND or “mind” how much damage you subtract from enemy spells.


LCK or “luck” affects drop rates, shard rates, critical chance and quality of gold drops.



Resist: your resistances include:

Slash: reduced incoming slash damage.


Thrust: reduced incoming thrust damage.


Strike: reduced incoming strike damage.


Fire: reduced incoming fire damage.


Ice: reduced incoming ice damage.


Lightning: reduced incoming lightning damage.


Dark: reduced incoming dark damage.


Light: reduced incoming light damage.


Poison: reduced poison damage and chance of getting poisoned (poison deals damage every few seconds until cured or wear out) keep in mind certain enemies can be poisoned as well.


Curse: reduces chance of getting cursed (cursed cuts your max HP and MP by half and locks them at that state until cured or wear out) keep in mind certain enemies can be cursed as well.


Petrify: reduces the chance of getting petrified (petrified turns you to stone until cured or shaken off my rapid movement attempts) keep in mind certain enemies can be petrified, which will result in them dying instantly.


Shards: basically, the “souls” of the demons you absorb in order to learn new abilities. Having more of the same shard boosts a parameter, usually the damage of that ability (to a cap of 9 grade) so hoarding shards is not wasted.


Shards can also be strengthened with alchemy to give them additional properties such as more projectiles (to a cap of 9 rank) Passive Shards that reach rank 9 will create an ability Shard of themselves meaning you can have that always on, and this can stack with the passive version of the Shard.


Loot: Demons and monsters drop various items from restoratives, gear, crafting materials and more. Collectively all those things are referred to as loot.


Farming: Killing enemies over and over in order to get gold/loot/shards is referred to as “farming”


Alchemy: Using the materials gathered from enemies and crafting weapons, armor, food and more, or strengthening shards.


Another important note is that items you create with alchemy will become available to the shop. Found food or weapons will not be available to the shop.


You can break down items to get their components. This costs Alkahest found in ghosts, amys and poltergeists around the castle or bought at the shop. That way you can find a weapon and it’s recipe, break it down, rebuild it and have it available at the shop.


Latter you will gain access to a passive Shard that gives you a chance at critical success at alchemy. This makes it so you can sometimes craft 5x times the items you select. With enough Alkahest and that Shard, you can break down and then rebuild an item indefinitely creating copies of that item.


Food: Preparing food will not only serve as emergency healing during combat, but permanently boost certain of Miriam’s stats for each unique meal.


Techniques: techniques are not required to finish the game but offer unique weapon exclusive abilities. You can find hints about those techniques in bookcases around the world and performing that technique even once will put it into your list.


The level of the enemy is irrelevant when training them, so feel free to return to easier enemies and practice them out. Should you master a technique, it will then be available to all weapons of the same category and not just it’s exclusive weapon.


Quests: certain NPCs will give you quests in your main HQ. Complete these quests to receive new ones and progress further in the quest chain. Extremely powerful items await you in the final stages of these quest chains.


Candles: Purple candles and other purple torch like objects are breakable and will give Miriam a mana rose which restores MP. If MP is full, these candles will drop gold items ranging from 1G to the ludicrous 2000G with proper gear and Shards equipped.


Save Room: Red save rooms allow you to save your game and also restore you to full HP and MP upon interaction.


Teleport Room: Green teleport rooms allow you to teleport to any other similar room provided you have visited that room before.


Secret Walls: Certain walls can be broken. These often reveal rare items, permanent upgrades to Miriam’s HP, MP and Capacity or entire new rooms. A passive Shard that detects all secret walls around Miriam and indicates them with a cyan shattering motif can be found latter in the game.


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