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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – %100 Achievement Guide

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%100 Achievement Guide


Moonlight Temptation
Finish Stage 1 for the first time.

Frigid Hell
Finish Stage 2 for the first time.

The Brilliant Void
Finish Stage 3 for the first time.

Blasphemy Unto Heaven
Finish Stage 4 for the first time.

Sunder the Night
Finish Stage 5 for the first time.

Tragedy of Slaughter
Finish Stage 6 for the first time.

Defiler of Taboos
Finish Stage 7 for the first time.

Cleave the Moon
Finish Stage 8 for the first time.

These are obtained by finishing all of the 8 stages once. Difficulty doesn’t matter.




All of the following achievements can be done in either Casual or Veteran difficulty.



Those Left Behind

Recruit every adventurer and finish the game.

To recruit an adventurer, press up on your controller after beating a boss. This unlocks if you finish the game by recruiting every single one of the adventurers (Miriam, Alfred and Gebel), which all have separate lifebars and skills accessible to them only. This is likely the achievement everyone will get on their first playthrough.



Emperor of Darkness

Sacrifice every adventurer and finish the game.

Allies can be killed by slashing them with Zangetsu’s sword a couple times. When they’re dead Zangetsu will acquire a new ability from them:

Crescent Moon (acquired by killing Miriam) – Tap attack while in mid air to do a circular sword slash that covers most of Zangetsu’s body.

Blood (acquired by killing Alfred) – Tap jump while in mid-air to jump again. Also known as double jump. Likely the best power-up in this list.

New Moon (acquired by killing Gebel) – Tap left or right twice or the dedicated button to run in that direction for a short period of time. Also known as dashing.

The achievement will be unlocked by killing every single one of the allies and finishing the game. You will also unlock Ultimate mode, a mode in which Zangetsu starts with all the power upgrades obtained by killing the allies and bosses will have the same patterns as in Nightmare mode.



Nightmare’s End

Finish the game without sacrificing or recruiting any adventurers.

Walk past every single ally without recruiting nor killing them and finish the game. This achievement might be possible in Ultimate mode.



Blade Gleaming at Sunrise

Adventure with your allies and see the Normal ending.

You will get this by beating the game as long as you recruited at least one ally but you didn’t recruit them all (regardless if you killed or ignored them). This can be done either in Normal or in Ultimate mode. If you have a Those Left Behind clear save you can launch it and use the Curse of the Moon option in the start menu to go back to stage 3 and either ignore or kill Gebel, which will allow you to skip tarihinde e first two stages; alternatively, reload your Nightmare’s End save and go back to stage 3 to recruit Gebel.



That Man, Zangetsu

Go it alone and see the Normal ending.

Don’t recruit any ally, kill at least one ally, ignore at least one ally and finish the game. Basically the same as Emperor of Darkness, but you ignored one or two allies instead of killing them. This can also be done in Ultimate mode. To save time you can load your Emperor of Darkness save and use Curse of the Moon to go back to stage 3 and ignore Gebel instead of killing him, or load the Nightmare’s End save and do the opposite.



Extra Modes

Fallen Moon’s Requiem

Finish Nightmare mode.

Nightmare mode is available once you beat the game after recruiting all the available characters (see Those Left Behind achievement). In this mode you start with Miriam, Alfred and Gebel, levels are the same but bosses have slightly different and more difficult patterns. Finish it once in Casual or Veteran difficulty to unlock this achievement.



Big Game Hunting!

Defeat every boss in Boss Rush mode.

This mode is available after finishing the game with only Zangetsu while all the other characters have been killed (see Emperor of Darkness achievement). Before every boss you will spawn in a room with all the sub weapons for every character and two big hearts. You can take any of them at any time, but beware that none of them will respawn, lifebars will be carried over after each boss and dead characters will stay dead; choose carefully then when to pick up health or weapons. You have to – you guessed it – beat the mode once.


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