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Babylon’s Fall PC and Xbox Controls Guide

Babylon’s Fall PC and Xbox Controls Guide

Babylon’s Fall is a new online role-playing game that is quite enjoyable. But you need to master the controls to fully appreciate the game, a case with most RPGs these days. To help you get started right away, we’ve listed the game’s controls.



PC and Xbox Controls

Input Menu Controls Combat Controls
Directional Pad Move Cursor
Directional Left Change Target (Fwd)
Directional Right Change Target (Back)
Directional Up Use Potion
A Select Jump
B Cancel Gutwork / Inspect
X Restore to Default Settings / Add to Favorites Speed Attack
Y –  Heavy Attack
Left Stick Move Cursor Move
Right Stick Rotate Character Change Point of View
LB (Left Bumper) Switch to the Left Tab Gideon Arm (L)
RB (Right Bumper) Switch to the Right Tab Gideon Arm (R)
LT (Left Trigger) Switch to Item Details on the Left Target
RT (Right Trigger) Switch to Item Details on the Right Evade
Left Stick (Press) Show Filter Options Dash
Right Stick (Press) Sort Lock-On
Back Communication Menu
Start Main Menu Main Menu


Although Babylon’s Fall appears unfinished, there are enough in-game glimpses to highlight the game’s potential. The solid combat system, memorable themes, and a decent collection of weapons make for a genuinely great experience. Hopefully, the controls guide helps you build a profound understanding of the game.


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