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Ark Survival Ascended – Turret Guide for Beginners: PvP & PvE Tactics

Ark Survival Ascended - Turret Guide for Beginners: PvP & PvE Tactics

Alright folks, let’s dive deep into the nitty-gritty of some serious turret tech for Ark Survival Ascended… If you’re looking to amp up your base defense game in both PvP & PvE you’re in the right place; we’re talking advanced strategies, new settings & all the insider tips you need to fortify your fortress like a pro.



Types of Turrets – What’s in Your Arsenal?

  • Tek Turrets: These bad boys are your heavy hitters… Load them up with 5,000 element shards & watch them dish out the pain.


  • Auto Turrets: Your bread & butter for defense, reliable & solid.


  • Heavy Turrets: Think of these as your Auto Turrets on steroids.


  • Plant Species X: The sneaky slow-mo shooters… They don’t just hurt; they hinder.



The Golden Ratio – Balancing Your Turret Team

For the endgame players, here’s the deal… You want a solid mix. Think about an 80/15/5 split – 80% Tek Turrets for the muscle, 15% Heavy for the support & 5% Plant Species X for that sweet, sweet crowd control.



LOS (Line of Sight) – If You Can’t See ‘Em, You Can’t Shoot ‘Em

Your turrets need a clear view to work their magic… Keep an eye out for anything that could block their line of sight like rocks or misplaced structures; it’s like giving your turrets a pair of x-ray goggles.



Placement Strategies – High, Low, Everywhere We Go

  • On the Ground: The best spot for most of your turrets… Keep ‘em grounded & they’ll keep you covered.


  • Elevated Positions: Mix in some high-altitude turrets; they’re great for getting the drop on attackers but remember they can be vulnerable to long-range attacks.


  • Mesh Placement: Sticking turrets on indestructible meshes?? Big brain move… it makes it way harder for raiders to take down your defenses in one fell swoop.



Turret Settings – Tweaking for Triumph

  • Range: Crank it up to high… Always… No brainer??


  • Targeting Specifics: Customize each turret’s target settings. Tek turrets? Focus on survivors… Heavy turrets? Mix it up between wild creatures & survivors or tamed creatures.



Exclusion Tactics – Be Picky with Your Targets

With the new settings you can get super specific about what your turrets should ignore… Got a Rex problem?? Set some turrets to exclude them… This lets you tailor your defenses against common raid tactics.



Advanced Placement – Getting Crafty with Construction

  • Railings & Fence Foundations: Use these for that perfect turret elevation… Just enough height to make a difference, not enough to be a sitting duck.


  • Tek Gateways: Sturdy & versatile, great for placing turrets with extra protection.



Spike Walls & Add-Ons – The Extra Layer of Nope

Throw in some spike walls & other structures around your turrets… It’s like telling raiders, “You shall not pass!!” These extra defenses make it a real headache for anyone trying to sneak up on your turrets.



Wrapping It Up

Remember, the key to a rock-solid defense in Ark Survival Ascended is adaptability & strategy… Mix & match your turrets, play around with settings & always be on the lookout for new tricks & tactics… With this guide in hand, you’re well on your way to becoming a turret-placing wizard, keeping your base safe & your enemies frustrated.


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