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How to Make Recipes in Ark: Survival Ascended

How to Make Recipes in Ark: Survival Ascended

Essentials: What You Need to Get Started

  • Cooking Pot: This is your battlefield kitchen… No pot -> no gourmet survival.


  • Notes: Think of these as your recipe blueprints. Don’t lose ’em…


  • Resources: The core of your recipes. Could be meats, berries, or some other fancy Ark ingredients.



The Prep Work: Setting the Stage

Here’s the kicker before you even think about cooking:


  • Mind Wipe Your Character: Yeah it sounds crazy, but trust me. Reset those stats & pump ’em into crafting. ‘Cause in this kitchen, crafting skill is king.


  • Chow Down on Focal Chili: This ain’t your grandma’s chili; it boosts your crafting skill, making your recipes go from meh to whoa.



Why Recipes? What’s the Big Deal?

Recipes in Ark are like your secret weapons. They boost your health, stamina, water, you name it. Properly done, these babies can be game-changers.



Crafting Your Culinary Masterpieces

Let’s get to the fun part:


  • Insert a Note: This is your recipe starting point. No note, no recipe…


  • Gather Your Ingredients: What’s your poison? Meat? Berries?? Choose wisely based on the effect you want.



Some Killer Recipes to Kickstart Your Journey

Health Booster:

  • Ingredients: 10 Raw Meat; simple yet effective.


  • Effects: This bad boy boosts health & food with a side of stamina.


  • The Secret: The higher your crafting skill, the better this turns out.



Berry-Based Beverages:

  • Ingredients: 10 of any berries.


  • Effects: A triple threat – increases water, health, and stamina.


  • Pro Tip: Up the ante to 40 berries for a full water bar.



Stimberry Special:

  • Twist: Adding stimberries can take your stamina & other stats to new heights, in both food & drinks.



The Ultimate Recipe: The Superfood

  • Mix & Match: Combine Stimberries and Raw Meat for a potent dish.


  • Honey, the Game Changer: Adding honey elevates the effectiveness like nothing else.



Advanced Tips for Aspiring Ark Chefs

  • Keep it Simple -> Don’t overcomplicate your recipes… stick to easy-to-remember numbers.


  • AutoCraft is Your Friend: Let the pot do the work. Set it up & let it craft while you do your survivor things.


  • Balance Your Ingredients: You don’t need a grocery store in there. A few well-chosen ingredients can make a world of difference…



The Art of Recipe Customization

This is where it gets real fun; you can start experimenting with different combinations. Want more health?? Add more of X. Need stamina? Try a bit of Y. The beauty of Ark recipes is in the customization. Test different combinations & find what works best for your playstyle…



Storage & Usage

Now, don’t go cooking up a storm & then forget about your creations. Store these in a safe place. Use them strategically – before a big fight, long journey, or when you’re in a pinch for resources.



The Community Kitchen

Share your recipes with fellow survivors. What works for you might be a lifesaver for someone else -> plus you might just pick up a few cooking tips along the way.


You’re now equipped with the knowledge to cook up some serious gourmet stuff in Ark Survival Ascended. Remember, cooking in Ark is not just about survival, it’s about thriving with style & boosting those stats like a boss.


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