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ZEPHON PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts Guide

ZEPHON PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts Guide

So, you want to know about Zephon hotkeys and shortcuts? For better and for worse, strategy games (Yeah even X4 strategies) often require a high ‘APM’ – actions per minute – especially when playing against the hardest AI difficulty. So we launched the game and gathered all the necessary info in one place. Here is the complete guide on all the Zephon hotkeys.



All PC Settings



Keyboard Controls

General Controls:

  • Back (Compendium): Mouse 4


  • Cancel: Escape


  • Chat: Enter


  • Dismantle Building: Alt + Mouse Left


  • Force End Turn: Ctrl + Space


  • Forward (Compendium): Mouse 5



Cargo Shortcuts (Alt + Number):

  • Cargo 1-10: Alt + 1 to Alt + 0



Game Lobby Controls:

  • Show Game Lobby Advanced Parameters: F3


  • Show Game Lobby Basic Parameters: F1


  • Show Game Lobby Chat: F4


  • Show Game Lobby Mutators: F2



Marking and Music:

  • Mark Tile: Ctrl + Mouse Left


  • Next Music Track: Ctrl + N


  • Next Task: Space


  • OK: Enter



Screens and Research:

  • Open Communications Screen: F3


  • Open Compendium Screen: F1


  • Open Shop Screen: F4


  • Open Research Screen: F2



Player Actions (Ctrl + Number):

  • Player Action 1-10: Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 0



Quick Saves and Screenshots:

  • Quick Load: F9


  • Quick Save: F5


  • Rebuild GUI: Ctrl + Shift + R


  • Reload Modified Resources: Ctrl + R


  • Save JPG Screen Shot: Print Screen


  • Save PNG Screen Shot: Alt + Print Screen


  • Save PNG Screen Shot Without HUD: Alt + Shift + Print Screen



Scrolling and Selection:

  • Scroll Down: Arrow Down


  • Scroll Left: Arrow Left


  • Scroll Right: Arrow Right


  • Scroll Up: Arrow Up


  • Select Next (Unit, City): Tab


  • Select Previous (Unit, City): Shift + Tab



Compendium and Toggles:

  • Show In Compendium: Mouse Right


  • Toggle Building Power: Ctrl + Mouse Left


  • Toggle Cliff Highlights: Ctrl + I


  • Toggle Unit Overlay: Ctrl + U


  • Toggle Yield Overlay: Ctrl + Z



Unit Actions:

  • Unit Action 1-5: Q, W, E, R, T


  • Unit Action 6-10: A, S, D, F, G


  • Unit Action 11-15: Z, X, C, V, B



Unit Items:

  • Unit Item 1-10: 1 to 0


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