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Tribes of Midgard – How to Heal and Recover HP

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How to Heal and Recover HP

In the harsh environment of the Tribes of Midgard, healing is essential for survival. This tutorial will teach players how to heal themselves in a variety of methods.


While playing Tribes of Midgard, even the most experienced players might sustain damage from time to time. Using your healing potions, you can restore part of your lost health. At any given moment, you can have up to three healing potions on you. If you suffer too much damage, those three will not be enough to heal you. By visiting Tinker in the hamlet and upgrading your bag, you may increase your bag size. You can carry more healing potions if you upgrade your bag. If you are going to the village, you do not have to use healing potions to heal yourself. Ask the healer for a healing totem and he will place one around it. It takes about two minutes and provides full health for you and your entire group. You can locate and utilize Eir Effigies if you are in the wild and need to heal yourself without using your healing potions. These can be discovered all over the world, but they can only be used once and then cannot be used again. There is no way to identify their exact location each time because the map is randomly created.


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