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The Role of The Sniper – ArmA 3 King of the Hill



The role of the sniper is to engage targets at extreme ranges of up to 2000m, counter-snipe, and provide intelligence on enemy vehicle and soldier movements.

Generally your will need a ghillie suit and seek to camp a hill, house or landmark with a good view of the towers of the AO and if counter-sniping a good view of the surrounding hillsides. If you have the [DSNR] perk you can use the inbuilt thermals to easily detect and range enemies and provide intel for your team.

When you have your spot, take some time to familiarise yourself with the ranges to the relevant landmarks such as hills, any towers, and landmarks (such as the castle in kavala). This means that if you spot an enemy you can quickly zero your rifle without wasting time pulling out the rangefinders. You can also quickly range targets by pressing “M” to open the map, locating the spot you want the range to, then “Shift” + “Left Click” on it and it will set an in-game marker with range.

For high level players, the level 50 Lynx comes with APDS mags, allowing for significant armour penetration. This allows you to shoot through the walls of towers and hit enemies inside. This is highly effective at suppressing towers. Enemies will occasionally glitch through the walls, or their weapons will stick through the structure, allowing you to know exactly where they are.

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