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Everything You Should Know About ARMA 3 Apex Expansion!


ArmA 3’s Apex DLC will add new weapons, vehicles, characters, a co-op campaign, and the South Pacific island of Tanoa for the game. Its date of release will be revealed on June 13th, 2016.



1) What is the Apex expansion?


Apex is a premium expansion to Arma 3, similar to that of Operation Arrowhead for Arma 2. It is a combined update + content pack that will bring several engine enhancements, such as graphical improvements, (an unconfirmed level of) DirectX 12 support, general interaction and UI enhancements, and scripting additions/optimizations, as well as an unconfirmed amount of premium content including (but not limited to,) a new, 100+km² south pacific archipelago terrain, an officially made CO-OP campaign, new factions and the armaments that they bring, and new vehicle classes including VTOL and Light Strike Vehicles.



2) What am I paying for?


Buying the Apex Expansion itself grants you access to all of the physical assets that Apex brings, including access to the new terrain (known as Tanoa) and the new weapons, vehicles, and other items. Those who choose not to buy Apex will still receive the engine enhancements noted (graphical improvements, scripting additions, etc.) and will be able to view the new weapons and vehicles in the virtual arsenal and ride in passenger slots of said vehicles. Note that those who do not purchase Apex will not be able to access Tanoa or the additional campaign.
“You’re also paying for the development of the NEXUS Update, the UNITS and EDEN Editor features, massive improvements to the Launcher, and several other framework modifications/upgrades/improvements that all work together to make Tanoa and the rest of the expansion possible. More importantly, it gives BI the capital and incentives to finish out the 2016 roadmap beyond Apex.”



3) So when does this Apex Expansion release?


Currently, Apex is planned for a release in June 2016.



4) How do I purchase this expansion?


Arma 3 Apex is now available from the Steam store here, currently at the same discounted price as buying it from the BI store. Whether this price will change is yet unknown.



5) I bought Arma 3 when it was in the Alpha. Do I get Apex?


Only If you purchased the highest tier “Supporter” version of the Alpha. Any other tiers did not provide access to Apex for free.



6) Will the Arma 3 DLC Bundle give me access to Apex?


No. The DLC bundle that can be bought on steam only provides access to all previously released Arma 3 DLC.


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