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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch Cheats

How to Get Koholint Sword

The Koholint Sword can be purchased or traded from the Seashell Mansion. In this mansion, there is a spirit that resides here and is a friendly one that has a few things to trade in return for Seashells.


The Spirit of the Mansion asks for Seashells in exchange for the various items it has in its possession. To get the Koholint Sword, the Spirit asks for 20 Seashells. Seashells are items that are usually found buried underground and can be found hidden all throughout the areas, corners, and nooks of the game.


In total, there are 50 Seashells that you can find in the game, however, you are just required to get 20 if you are looking for the Koholint Sword. Once you have all the 20 Seashells in your hand, you can then head back to the Mansion and then talk to the spirit for trading the shells for the sword. This way, you can get the Koholint Sword for yourself and use it to slash down enemies.



Heart Piece Locations

For every four Pieces of Heart that you obtain in Link’s Awakening, you’ll be granted an additional heart on your health bar that you can see in the top left of the screen. This is paramount if you’re going up against a particularly difficult boss or dungeon, or you can make things hard on yourself by purposefully avoiding collecting Pieces of Heart.


  • Enter the Trendy Game in Mabe Village and use the claw to grab this heart piece.


  • Available to purchase in the town store for 200 rupees at the start of the game.


  • Found by catching a small fish in the fishing mini-game in Mabe Village.


  • Found by catching a medium fish in the fishing mini-game in Mabe Village.


  • In a pit one screen above the library in Mabe Village, slash the bushes on the hill and jump in, then take the stairs back outside.


  • Just outside of the right side of the Mysterious Woods and before the Witch house, you’ll see this heart piece in a diamond shaped area surrounded by potholes. You’ll need Roc’s Feather from the Tail Cave to get it.


  • In a cave in the eastern section of the Mysterious Woods. You’ll need the level one Power Bracelet to pick it up. Push the stones out of the way and grab the heart piece.


  • In the cave just to the right of the exit of Mabe Village, head up towards the tall wall.


  • Bring five Secret Seashells to the Secret Seashell hut and stand on the pedestal.


  • In the pothole field covered in grass above Prince Richard’s house (follow the path through the cave in his house once you bring him the five golden leaves) you’ll find a heart piece in the far upper right.


  • On the ground in the north of Tabal Wasteland – the area with the dead trees just south of Dampe’s house.


  • Right above the entrance to the Animal Village. Follow the trail beneath the village like you’re heading to the desert and then head north until you hit a wall (and a cave you can bomb open) and head left until you find the heard piece.


  • In a cave on the right side of Yarna desert near an owl statue, head in the cave and walk through two rooms until you can bomb a wall open, then grab the heart piece.


  • In a cave to the right of the fourth dungeon in Tal Tal Heights. Bring the flippers and dive for it.


  • Another heart piece will eventually show up at the Trendy Game in Mabe Village after you’ve won enough prizes there.


  • In a cave in the upper right corner of the Animal Village, go to the entrance in the north and then bomb the cracked rock, head back down and left and hookshot over to the heart piece.


  • Once you get the hookshot, return to the Mysterious Woods and enter the log in the north surrounded by three rocks. Hookshot your way to the chest and then over to the rocks.


  • Head down the stairs in a cave surrounded by bushes and potholes just south of the mermaid statue near the bottom of the map. In the water in the cave, dive for the heart piece.


  • During the rafting mini-game, take your raft all the way down the river to the furthest entrance of the mini-game and quickly hookshot your way to the left and down to find a small island with the heart piece.


  • Exit the rafting mini-game and take the raft to the left and walk up to the cave and enter. Hookshot your way across the top and right of the cave to get the heart piece.


  • To the left of the cucco house in Tal Tal Mountain (the house with a bunch of chickens in it) follow the path along the upper walkway using the hookshot until you find a hidden staircase in a bush. Follow the stairs down and look to the south for a wall you can bomb. Through the next two rooms you’ll find a lone heart piece just sitting on the floor.


  • To the left of the cucco house in Tal Tal Mountains, follow the upper path along the walkway and down the hidden stairs in the bush until you head outside, then follow the path up and to the left of the mountain (passed the falling boulders) as far as you can go and you’ll find a heart piece on the floor on the ledge.


  • In the upper left area of Level 8 – Turtle Rock – you’ll find a room with a rope (purple snake guy) and a Vire (flying devil looking dude) with a staircase in the middle. Take the staircase up and you’ll actually be back outside in the overworld again, where a heart piece waits just above you. You can also open up a warp zone here in case you’d ever like to come back and admire the view.


  • In the cave just below the witch’s hut, bomb the cracked boulder and hookshot your way over to the heart piece.


  • Dive in the water in the bay just beneath the Mermaid Statue and giant catfish statue where you found the fifth dungeon to find this very well hidden piece of heart.


  • Dive in the water on the left side of the bridge to Prince Richard’s castle to find a piece of heart.


  • In Ukuku Prairie you’ll see a river with a staircase on each side of it. Take either side of the stairs to the underwater passageway and dive in the deep part of the water for a heart piece.


  • Received from Dampe for completing his fourth “Arrange Dungeon” challenge titled “Fill Up Your Hearts.”


  • Continue making your way through Dampe’s challenges and he’ll eventually give you a whole heart container – worth four pieces of heart!


  • Warp to Ukuku Prairie and head up to the right of the three trees just above the warp zone. You’ll see a bombable wall to the right of them that leads to a small cave. Inside the cave, use the Pegasus Boots to destroy the crystal rocks and head up. You’ll see a small crack in the wall on the right. Bomb it and enter the door and get the heart piece.


  • Take the ladder to Tal Tal Mountain Range (the one to the right of the steps that lead up to the giant egg) and lift one of the three stones that lead into a cave. Head in, go right, and push the blocks until you can grab the heart container just sitting on the ground.


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