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The Evil Within 2 Cheat Codes


Cheat Codes

How to Activate The Cheat Codes

Right-click the game title, go to Properties, set Launch Option, and type: +com_allowconsole 1 to enable the command console in-game.


Note: Achievements will be disabled until you turn the Cheats off.


When in Gameplay, press the insert key on your keyboard (This will pull up the Console Command), Then type idStudio to enable cheat mode.



Useful Cheat Codes

  • cvaradd g_infiniteammo 1 – Gives you unlimited¬†Ammo


  • pl_FPS 1 – First-Person Mode


  • pl_FPS 0 – Third Person Mode


  • GiveUnlock – Gives all key items in your inventory!


  • RemoveUnlock – Takes them away.


  • devmapjump MAPNAME – Skip Chapters. Replace mapname with the map itself, for example devmapjump st01_main


That starts from the beginning,


this: devmapjump st02_main


and: devmapjump st03_main


Note: When stage jumping you will lose items and upgrades have you collected.


Note2: No god mode or noclip, but there is a teleport command.


listCmds * – This will show a list of all console commands available outside of cheat mode.



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