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The Crew 2 – PC Controls

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Here is an overview of the controls for The Crew 2 on PC.


Driving Controls


Accelerate W
Brake S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Bike Lean backward R Shift
Bike lean Forward R Ctrl
Hand Brake Space
Horn H
Back on track Backspace
Fast Fav – Car 1
Fast Fav – Air 2
Fast Fav – Boat 3



Airplane Controls


Turn left Q
Turn right E
Smoke Z
Landing Gear X



Camera Controls


Change Camera C
Look Forward
Look Backward
Look Left
Look Right



General Controls


Map M
Main Menu F10
Photo Mode P
Tool Menu B
Scale Minimap Page Up



First Person Controls


Look Up
Look Down
Look Left
Look Right
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Lean Left Q
Lean Right E
Stretch Out R Shift
Look Closer R Ctrl
Leave Backspace



Interface Controls


Secondary Action B
Deploy Notification N
Previous & Left Button [
Next & Right Button ]


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