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God Of War PS4 Controls

God Of War PS4 Controls

You can customize your controls for God of War by going to your settings. You can change your overall PS4 control defaults from your PS4 settings as well, but that applies to every game and action for your PS4. The default controls are shown below.



PS4 Controls

  • Left Stick – Movement


  • Right Stick – Move Camera


  • L2 – Aim


  • R2 – Heavy Attack


  • L1 – Block / Parry


  • R1 – Light Attack


  • Triangle – Recall the Axe


  • Circle – Interact


  • X – Dodge


  • Square – Atreus’ Action


  • Options Button – Pause Menu


  • TouchPad – View Map


  • D-Pad Up – Type of Arrows


  • D-Pad Left – Blades of Chaos


  • D-Pad Right – Leviathan


  • R3 – Lock-on


  • L3 – Run


God Of War PS4 Controls


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