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Stronghold Crusader HD: Resource Guide

Stronghold Crusader HD: Resource Guide

In total, there are eight resource types, which are stored in your stockpile. Some are raw materials and others are processed.


  • Wheat: This grows on your wheat farms and is at the start of the most productive food chain in CRUSADER. Wheat farms can only be placed on an oasis.


  • Flour: Produced at the mill from wheat and required to bake bread.


  • Hops: Grown on hop farms; essential for brewing ale and can only be cultivated on an oasis.


  • Ale: Brewed at the brewery using hops; distributing ale through inns boosts your popularity.


  • Stone: Extracted from sandstone boulders by quarries; necessary for building most of the castle’s defensive structures.


  • Iron: Mined from reddish rocks found on hilltops; needed to craft advanced weapons and armor.


  • Wood: This is gathered by woodcutters and is used in the construction of most buildings.


  • Pitch: Found bubbling up through marshes; after placing a pitch rig on some oil in the marsh, pitch diggers will extract pitch for use in boiling oil and pitch ditches.


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