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Space Crew Cheats

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Useful Tips & Tricks

  • Use your abilities – Crew abilities are essential. If your ship is taking a hammering – use ‘Evasive Piloting’. You can also use this to prevent a docking ship from being able to line up, to buy you some time. Got a few fires or repairs to do, but there’s a lot going on? Try using ‘Stealth Mode’ to give yourself some time. Use your engineer’s “boost” the reactor and put more energy in to your shields or weapons!


  • Prioritise repairs – repair your engines (don’t forget a spacesuit!), oxygen generator, and reactor as soon as you can!


  • Be prepared for boarders – maybe you’ve seen the ship coming in the distance? maybe you’ve heard its docking sound? get someone ready in advance, and you’ll be rid of those Phasmid boarders before they can even start to cause any chaos.


  • Equip your ship with some thought – make sure you’ve got enough med kits! make sure phase rifles and extinguishers are placed near where you’ll need them.


  • Get your Security Officer on the guns – either the front gun, allowing quick access to the security station (for shield replenishing or going in to stealth mode), or the middle gun with a phase rifle nearby for taking out Phasmids


  • A fourth gunner? – want someone else on the guns, too? Your engineer or comms officer are both strong candidates for this. If you’re mostly using non-energy weapons, your Engineer can work well. If you’re using energy weapons, you may want to have your Engineer using their “boost” skill to allow you to put more power in to your weapons. Or, you can move your Comms Officer to the front gun, allowing them to quickly hop back to their own station for route planning.


  • Don’t worry if you fail – replacement crew & ships improve as you go through the game, so you’ll never be left with total rubbish… – but it may be wise to take on a few low risk missions if you lose everyone.


  • Escape pods – put them on your ship & use them. if everything’s gone wrong, there’s a good chance of recovery (plus getting the XP gathered so far in the mission). this may also open up rescue missions for crew that don’t return immediately.


  • Take the safest route – if you’re not confident yet, take the safest route.


  • Take the fastest route… at your own risk – OK, you’ve got a decent crew, a decent ship… you know your abilities & skills like the back of your hand. maybe your crew could do with a bit more combat experience? go fast!


  • Go home – don’t be afraid to “Abort” the mission (abort button is on the Captain’s station). Med bay gauge empty? Out of med packs? Don’t think you’ll survive another battle? Try to go home- you’ll get the XP you got so far, and keep your ship and crew.


  • Alien artifacts & cargo pods – you can scan or retrieve these for some extra spending resources… but, be careful – perhaps the Phasmids are tracking them…?


  • Repairing engines – remember a spacesuit. oh, and don’t use evasive piloting while your crew member is trying to balance on the engines… (if you do though, you can always tractor beam them back in…!)


  • Non-energy weapons – Energy weapons need reactor power. Non-energy weapons do not, meaning they’ll still be firing if your reactor power is being used to “Charge For Hyperjump”. – so, if you’re the type who likes to run away from a fight… you can equip non-energy weapons, and be charging without being a total sitting duck.


  • Non-energy weapons II – If you’re using non-energy weapons, you can put more of your reactor power into your shields!


  • Energy weapons – If you upgrade your reactor (or are using Engineer skills such as “Boost” or “Overdrive”), and are able to put more power into your energy weapons – your Energy Weapons immediately become more effective. Non-energy weapons will pretty much always just stay as they were.


  • Radiation – your rear gunner sits close to the engines, often getting exposed to radiation from them. It’s worth thinking about equipping them with equipment which shields them from radiation. Later on, you’ll be able to use their Overdrive skills without being affected too heavily, also.


  • Secondary skills – at a certain point, you can give your crew secondary skills. I’d recommend giving your Security Officer + Engineer secondary skills of Weapons Officer. I’d recommend a Weapons Officer is a secondary Engineer… and perhaps have a secondary Security Officer – they’re better at fighting boarding Phasmids.


  • Gravity – do you really need that unit of power for gravity? maybe it’d be better on the shields/weapons/engines? (then again, when you’ve only got a short amount of time to revive a crew member – being able to get there easily does help!)


  • Be prepared for boarders II – your rear gunner is your best bet to stop the docking ship getting to you. – use focus fire, put more reactor power in to weapons (if energy weapons) to help them destroy them before they reach you. you can use ‘Evasive Piloting’, too.


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