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Soulash Cheats & Console Commands

Soulash Cheats & Console Commands

The following is a list of Soulash’s console commands and cheats. To use console commands, you must first activate the developer console. Take the following steps to accomplish this:



Enabling Dev Console

  • Navigate to;



  • As shown in the Example below, add the property “debug”: “for sure”



“debug”: “for_sure”,

“gameplay”: {

“animations”: {

“on_death”: 54


“autoequip”: true,

“camera_shake”: true


[… rest of the file]




Cheats & Console Commands

While playing the game, press the ~ tilde key above TAB and type one of the commands listed below.



  • Command – Effect


  • exp (amount) – Gives experience points. For Example, Exp 200 gives you 200 experience points.


  • set_stat (statname) (amount) – You can use this command to change your character’s stats. For Example, the command “set stat endurance 200” sets your character’s endurance to 200. Works for strength, endurance, dexterity, intelligence, willpower.


  • teleport x,y,z – You can use this command to teleport your character to a specific location. If debugging is enabled, you should see a hovered position at the bottom right corner of your screen.


  • heal – Heals your character.


  • thirst 100 – This command adds value to the thirst bar


  • hunger 100 – This command adds value to the hunger bar


  • time 100 – This command Adds several turns, and it can be useful to move through the time of day.



How to Spawn Items and Enemies in Soulash

  • Spawn command allows you to spawn items or enemies. Usage; Spawn 150 75


The first number represents the id of the entity that you want to spawn nearby. It could be an enemy or an item. The second number represents the count. If it’s a stackable item, it will spawn in the same location.


To quickly find out which entity id you need to spawn something, you can go to your install directory for Soulash/data/mods/core/entities and search entity by name. The first number in the filename is the id you need.


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