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Sker Ritual PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Sker Ritual PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Blending different genres into a single game can sometimes be a risk, but if you ask me, it’s something that Sker Ritual pulls off very well. Indeed, there are many different tags I could throw at this title – it’s a Zombie action-adventure FPS with a round-based structure, and that’s enough to pique my interest right from the get go.


Sker Ritual is actually a sequel to the award-winning Maid of Sker, following on from the evil ending. As such, if you haven’t given the franchise a try before, it may be worth giving that a go first so you know more of the story. However, this isn’t a direct sequel, so it can still work well as a standalone game.


Now, the survival aspect of this game is pretty quick to identify, with relentless hordes of zombies – Quiet Ones, as they’re known – giving even the most experienced shooter a run for their money. But it’s not just the gameplay that’s Another factor that I, for one, find incredibly intriguing is the design of the zombies – and the elites even moreso. Indeed, these aren’t just your generic flesh rotting zombies; unique designs help make the Quiet Ones of Sker Ritual a truly unique combat experience, accordingly.


And, as a final bonus, you can bring your very own four-legged friend along with you for the journey. Because let’s be real – whether you’re playing solo or as a group, in real life, I don’t think anyone would want to be facing seemingly endless waves of the undead without an attack dog by their side.


Overall, Sker Ritual’s a uniquely complex blend of styles, with inspiration seeming to draw from a range of other big titles, and this works expertly to provide a brilliant title that’s irrefutably hard to put down. However, before you give the game a go, make sure you’ve checked out the controls so you know how to tackle each round as it comes.



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Move Forward: W


  • Move Backward: S


  • Move Left: A


  • Move Right: D


  • Interact: F


  • Sprint: Shift


  • Crouch: C


  • Jump: Space


  • Heal: E


  • Molotov: G


  • Melee Attack: V


  • Ultimate Attack: Q


  • Fire: Left Mouse Button


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Reload: R


  • Next Weapon: Mouse Wheel Scroll Up


  • Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Scroll Down


  • Equip Weapon 1: 1


  • Equip Weapon 2: 2


  • Equip Weapon 3: 3


  • Voice Line: X


  • Scoreboard: Tab


  • Ping: Z


  • Miracle: M


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