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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Animal Companion Hints

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– Multiclassed Rangers Animal Companions are (currently) exactly on the same level, and it is therefore recommended to multiclass a Ranger if not for the last few abilities (Twinned Shot, etc.)


– Lion / Bear / Boar: bigger character models hinder your other melee fighters in getting to your enemies, make it easier for your enemies to focus on the Animal Companion, and increases the chance your Animal Companion is within enemy spells AoE, especially true for the Lion, which is no tank, and especially in narrow areas.


– Lion: not recommended for the above reason; compared to the Wolf it deals less damage.


– Antelope: recommended; while not as tanky as the Bear / Boar, it has a smaller character model diameter, +10 to all defenses are 3.33 levels worth of Deflection / Fortitude / Reflex / Will.


– Bear: highly recommended; +2 Armor, also useful to counter high weapon penetration; compared to the Boar, it has very high Damage.


– Boar: highly recommended; Regenerates 41.2 HP per minute of combat, very useful for a tank, but it has very low Damage.


– Stag: not recommended; Carnage AoE is negatively affected by the Stags low Intelligence (-50% AoE); Carnage attacks usually do 33% of the main attack damage, but the Stag has one of the lowest main attack damage to begin with.


– Wolf: highly recommended; highest Damage packed in a small character model.


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