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Overcooked! 2 – Where Are The Save Game Files Stored?

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Where do I find my save games?

Overcooked! 2 Savegames can be found here:





(You need to replace USERNAME with your actual user name in Windows)




A User ID is a unique identifier used to identify accounts. Files are sometimes saved to the user-specific locations such as user profile name or numbered ID in filename/path indicated by. This can vary between users.




Steam has multiple user ids, but the one most commonly used by users is the steamID64 which contains 17 numbers and starts with 7656.

The customURL is a customizable id that can be set in the Steam profile settings.




Origin uses randomized characters, including letters (a-Z) and numbers mixed, ending with two hyphens. For example, Hawaii_Beach has the following ID: BobyAWXzmLlf6NasXubNEw–




Ubisoft uses the GUID format.


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