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NBA 2K20 Guide – How to Score, Scoring Tips

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How to Score, Scoring Tips

In this NBA 2K20 Guide, we have some of the tips that you can use in order to score effectively in NBA 2K20.


-Always remember to substitute players. You can call a timeout by pressing the middle button on the Dualshock 4, or the back button on the Xbox One controller, and from here you can swap out players that are worn out. Don’t be afraid to swap out one player for another, even if the player coming in has a worse overall rating.


-Always remember that multitudes of passing options are available. Chest passes are one thing but you can also perform bounce passes and lead passes depending on the situation. Think of the position where you want the receiver to be in when he receives the pass rather than the position that he is in now. Apart from this, it is useful to remember that teams have built-in motion offenses so if a play breakdowns it might be worth your while to let the team freestyle.


-Remember: the pick and roll play is key to scoring reliably. No, it’s not exactly the most stylish move in the playbook, but pressing the left bumper and moving a player into position is always a great tactic to try and get a step on your defender.


-Release the Bar When the Meter Is Full. Although this may seem like common sense, the Shot Meter is a brand new addition to the series so many people may not know about it. Release your shot when the meter on the bar next to y our player is full.


-Manage Your Stamina. Remember that the more tired your player is, the more inaccurate he will be. Make sure that you do not tire your players out by constantly springing everywhere. You can easily just jog onto the opponent’s side of the court sometimes rather than waste your energy sprinting.


-Understand Your Team. Another thing that you really need to know about is who the best players on your team are. If you are not an avid NBA fan, then it might be good to look at the stats of each player to see how they stack up amongst themselves. You can also use the Practice Mode to get better at shooting and learn all of the button combinations for the moves.


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