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Murderous Pursuits – Setting Up Private Games

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Setting Up Private Games

1. On main menu select Private Game.

2. To join enter the server name and password under the Join box.

3. To create a server click GO in the create box.

4. The most important settings here are:



Should be online for Listen games.



The default is 7777, if you need to change it for whatever reason enter your desired port here.



Name of your server, needed for other people to join



Password for your server



Other notable settings:

Lobby Time

Length of time player can change their loadout in the lobby before the game starts.



Change the first map in the drop down here. Tick the map cycle if you want to cycle through the maps at the end of each game.


Max Bots

How many bots are in the game, players will replace bots if there are no empty places.


Game End Condition

The win condition – Target score or Timed games


Game Countdown/Winning Favour

Set the length of game or Target score depending on the Game end Condition selected above.


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