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Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor PC Keyboard Controls


Escape: Access Game Options / Exit window


Tab: Cycles Character Selection


Q: Access quest sub-screen


A: Attack, Shoot arrows, Pass on, turn


Z: Quick reference


C: Cast a new spell


S: Cast readied spell; if no spell is selected, this key functions as “A”


R: Rest


T: Time / Calendar


Spacebar: Search Body, chest, crate, or object. Activate objects


N: Autonotes


M: Map Book


X: Jump


Arrows: Movement


Shift + Arrow: Run (or walk if Always run is selected)


Ctrl + Side Arrows: Sidestep (Strafe)


Page Down Key: Look Up


End Key: Center Viewpoint


Delete Key: Look Down



—The following three buttons can only be used if the fly spell is activated.


Page Up Key: Fly Up


Home Key: Land (Fall)


Insert Key: Fly Down


Enter: Enter turn-based mode or real-time mode


+ and -: Zoom in/out in the automap.


1-4: Select / View character 1-4


5-6: Select / Speak with NPC 1-2


F4: Full Screen / Windows toggle


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