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Marvel SNAP: Tips & Tricks to Lead Your Heroes to Victory

Marvel SNAP: Tips & Tricks to Lead Your Heroes to Victory

Mobile platforms are no strangers to collectible card-battling video games that use the popularity of a major franchise to pull players in. For instance, Hearthstone has found great success with its Warcraft characters, Gwent has all of the characters and creatures you love from The Witcher series, and TEPPEN has Capcomโ€™s insane roster of beloved characters covered.


If youโ€™ve ever wanted a similar game that used the sheer power of the Marvel universe, your prayers have already been answered. Itโ€™s called Marvel SNAP, and as of October 2022, it has taken over the free time of Marvel fans worldwide. If youโ€™ve just discovered SNAP, youโ€™re a little behind! Players have grown to dominate the leaderboards in just a few short months. Itโ€™s possible to catch up to their level of skill, but in doing so you might need a little boost.


Thatโ€™s where we come in. Join us as we go over some quick tips & tricks for Marvel SNAP that will have your enemies on their heels, and your heroes bathing in glory. Gather up your favorite heroes, and letโ€™s get started!



Practice with Pre-Built Decks First

Before you dive into the wide world of meta decks and min-maxing your tactical options, it would be beneficial to spend some time using one of the gameโ€™s pre-built decks. Using these will teach you how a good deck is structured, and possibly even where sacrifices should be made when looking for specific ability cards.


Youโ€™ll notice that each of your pre-built decks has maybe one or two primary cards that are supported with lower-cost cards that have complementary effects. These are probably the most important things to keep in mind when building your deck.



Keep an Eye on Boosters and Credits

In order to upgrade your hero cards, youโ€™re going to need both boosters and credits. These resources are acquired at wildly different rates, which can make upgrading kind of a pain, and even put you in a bind later if you blindly upgrade whenever you see you have an opportunity.


To properly manage your levels of both resources, this is the path you should follow when upgrading: first, make sure every card you plan to upgrade is at least uncommon rank. Then, upgrade each one individually to infinity rank, then split those cards. Repeat that process resources permitting until the cards you selected are upgraded.



Donโ€™t Hold Back on SNAP

Most players will choose to hold back their SNAP as a final coup de grace when they are sure they can win a match, but leaving it for that late in a match can be disastrous. Instead, you should use your SNAP as soon as you believe you have a winning combo on your hands.



Skip Early Turns if You Have To

As with other games of this style, the types of cards you can use will improve in later turns. If you have a powerful 2-cost card on your hand but itโ€™s the first turn, thereโ€™s typically no harm in skipping that turn and waiting for your next turn to lay that card down.


Marvel SNAP: Tips & Tricks to Lead Your Heroes to Victory


Even skipping the second turn is fine in most cases, though a little riskier on average. The point is, skipping turns will give you an air of mystery to your opponent, and when you slap down that powerful card, they might not even know how to react.



Learn The Cards

Another benefit of using pre-built decks and studying which cards go best together is that youโ€™ll be able to predict what cards your opponent has depending on what they play. Rookies can be unpredictable as theyโ€™re still learning, but a seasoned pro will either be using a meta deck or a custom deck with strong synergies. If you know what they have, you can plan ahead and be prepared to react.



Get Those Dailies

Itโ€™s kind of a curse of free-to-play games, but dailies do have their uses. In Marvel SNAP, they tend to revolve around making you look at the in-game store to entice you to buy something, but you get plenty of goodies just by opening it up.


While youโ€™re taking time to look at the store, pop into the news tab as well. Youโ€™ll be able to unlock more challenges there that will give you even more rewards. Itโ€™s kind of a pain to remember, and youโ€™ll probably skip a day at some point, but trying to stay consistent with this can build up your resource piles pretty quickly.


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