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Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks

Marvel's Midnight Suns - Ultimate Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks

After a painfully long wait, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is finally here. The latest game from XCom-creator Firaxis contains their signature tactical turn-based combat, while also combining that with addicting card mechanics as well as some of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe.


At this point, just about everyone loves Marvel and all of their many superheroes, giving this game a particularly huge audience. However, a Firaxis tactical strategy game isn’t as accessible as a 3rd-person brawler or adventure game. So if you’re a Marvel fan trying to get into the latest game without much experience in the genre, join us for this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.



Good Girl!

Something in the game that is glossed over is surprisingly sweet and rewarding. In the game, you will have a faithful pet at The Abbey, a dog named Charlie. You can take Charlie out on walks around the grounds surrounding The Abbey, where she can locate chests for you to open.


You can also pet Charlie at will, which is a reward in and of itself. However, you will also occasionally be given upgrade materials just by petting her, so make sure to show her lots of love!



Do Your Own Research

Before you head out on missions, you should take a moment to check the Research Upgrades that are available to you. Many of these will be locked and will require certain things to happen before the project is unlocked and able to be researched.


Marvel's Midnight Suns - Ultimate Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks


All of those requirements will be listed, so taking note of what you want to get started when you come back from a mission will allow you to focus on the actions that will unlock those particular projects.



Legendary Suits

Each character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a Legendary suit that can be unlocked, but the process of doing that is a little convoluted. In order to get these incredible-looking costumes, you first need to complete the research project for it, and you also need to raise your relationship level with that character to level 5, which is the maximum.


The hassle is well worth it though, because the legendary suits are completely original, and also give the character a significant boost to their stats.



Making Friends

As previously stated, you’re going to need to raise your friendship levels with the characters you meet in order to get the good stuff in this game. Befriending each hero will be a slightly different tactic, but carefully study them and spend time with each one to find out what they like, and act accordingly.


You can also increase your friendship level by taking heroes on quests with you and fighting alongside them, and also by completing activities with them at The Abbey in between missions and before each day is complete.



Choose Your Path

Throughout the game, you will be able to guide your character, The Hunter, down the path of Light or Dark. You will always be able to see when a choice will give you more points in either direction, so you won’t be blindsided by a decision.


Light Powers generally focus on giving you healing abilities, while Dark Powers also let you heal but additionally give you powers that are potent but will damage you. How you choose to proceed is up to you, but keep in mind that this will also affect how the story unfolds.



Avoiding Injuries

Like in XCom, your heroes can sustain injuries in combat during missions. These will give them debilitating debuffs like being unable to use any moves at all for a period of days. This is obviously bad news if it happens to your strongest heroes, but there is a way to avoid it.


When you embark on a mission, your team should always have a healer, Keeping your heroes’ health topped up will make it less likely that they get injured. Building the Combat Therapy room at The Abbey can decrease their recovery time if they do get damaged.



Opening Chests

When you train or spar with a hero, you can get Arcane Keys as a reward. These are used to open up the chests that are located throughout The Abbey and its grounds, so try to get as many of these as you can. Once you collect a chest, it will regenerate after a few days, allowing you to open it again.


There are chests that are of a higher rarity, and these ones should be focused on. You will be able to open lower-rarity chests without a key later after certain upgrades.


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