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Märchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift – Mushroom Fairy Quiz Guide

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Questions & Answers

A simple list of all the questions the Mushroom Fairy could give you.



Q: What is the “shii” in shiitake derived from?

A: Wood of a Pasania species of tree.



Q: Mushrooms aren’t plants, so what are they?

A: Fungi



Q: In the fairytale Alice in Wonderland, which character smokes a hookah on top of a mushroom?

A: The Caterpillar



Q: What is the astonishing fact regarding mushrooms and the former video game studio, Data East?

A: Its side business was growing shiitake mushrooms.



Q: What is your favorite kind of food?

A: Mushrooms



Q: Mushrooms are a good source of:

A: All of the above



Q: Nintendo’s Mario comes to mind as a hero of mushrooms, but what was his debut game?

A: Donkey Kong



Q: Which of these mushrooms exists?

A: Brown-toothed Crust



Q: How can a mushroom newbie tell a toxic mushroom from a normal one?

A: It’s too difficult to spot, so not a good idea…



Q: Why are female boars used for hunting for truffles?

A: The scent of truffles is similar to that of male boars.



Q: Which mushroom was named for being the Roman emperor’s favorite?

A: Beefsteak Polypore



Q: The method of growing mushrooms by planting a species in a culture medium enclosed in a bag is called what?

A: Mushroom bed cultivation



Q: Why are mushrooms shaped the way they are?

A: So they can shoot spores a great distance.



Q: What is the trick to storing shiitake mushrooms in the refrigerator?

A: Store them so the underside of the caps is facing up.



Q: When you say “mushroom,” what Touhou character comes to mind?

A: Marisa Kirisame



Q: How many acres wide is the world’s largest honey mushroom population in Oregon?

A: 2,300 acres



Q: Which is an eerie mushroom that lives on insects?

A: Caterpillar Fungus



Q: Which of the following is an actual edible mushroom?

A: Beefsteak Polypore



Q: Which mushroom is known for its psychedelic effects?

A: Psilocybin Mushrooms



Q: What tree to pine mushrooms grow on?

A: Red Pine



Q: How many different species of fungi exist in Japan?

A: About 5,000 species.



Q: In “The Last of Us,” a game where the US is ravaged by mutant fungi, who is the voice actor of the male lead?

A: Troy Baker



Q: What is the most cultivated mushroom in the world?

A: Mushrooms



Q: Mushrooms…

A: Any answer



Q: A surprising method to grow more mushrooms exists! What is that method?

A: Electrocution



Q: Which contains the most chocolate?

A: Chocolate truffles



Q: Which of the following mushrooms glows?

A: Jack O’Lantern Mushrooms



Q: Which of the following is a toxic mushroom?

A: Fly Agaric



Q: Is it true that mushrooms have no gender?

A: It’s true!



Q: What’s the title of a comedy horror movie that features mushrooms?

A: Shrooms



Q: What is the world’s top mushroom-producing country?

A: China


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