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How to Boost Stamina in Dying Light 2 Become Human

How to Boost Stamina in Dying Light 2 Become Human

Escaping a horde of hungry zombies is never easy. The stamina system is wasted on most zombie games since the only strenuous task is involved running. However, in Dying Light 2, you get to witness the actual limits of stamina.


You surely have seen in the trailers that DY2 has a well-designed parkour mechanic, the likes of which you donโ€™t usually witness in a zombie game. The distinct blue bar at the bottom represents Adenโ€™s stamina, and you need it for pretty much everything. Running, climbing, using melee attacks, and even blocking incoming damage costs stamina.


Before you become a parkour god, you must first learn how to optimally manage stamina, which is the main topic of this guide.


  • You need to collect three Inhibitors to boost stamina in Dying Light 2.


  • You can find some in GRE facilities, hidden away in special GRE containers. They also drop from GRE anomalies like the Revenant.


How to Boost Stamina in Dying Light 2 Become Human


  • Inhibitors are placed throughout the map in hard-to-reach areas. Youโ€™ll need to venture out and explore the city limits to get your hands on them. Be careful, though, because you never know what lurks around the corner.


  • Approaching nearby inhibitors gives off a distinct sound.


  • Once you have three inhibitors, visit the skill menu to use them to increase your stamina.


  • Inhibitors are a limited resource that can increase your health or stamina, so choose wisely. Dumping all your inhibitors into one area is a mistake.



Parting thoughts

Determine your playstyle before using the inhibitors. Do you prefer head-on encounters where you bash into zombie skulls with a baseball bat? Or are you an agile type who likes to parkour your way out of a challenging situation?


Stockpile inhibitors until youโ€™re sure and use them accordingly. If youโ€™re still struggling to make a choice, here is a link to our Ultimate Beginnerโ€™s Guide, which has everything you need to kickstart your journey. Also, feel free to leave a comment below if youโ€™ve found this guide helpful and would like to share something with the MagicGameWorld community. Until next time. Happy Gaming!


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